Elodie Davis

elopement-intimate wedding


Intimate wedding


They are many advantages to elope or getting married in small comity here in the Alps.

The first one is all about location. Do you want to swim in an alpine lake after your ceremony, or get cosy in a chalet, explore the summits and walk in the snow, have a view on the valley or have a glimpse of some wildlife ? Whatever the season you decide to come in, the Alps are always a good spot to celebrate your day !


For intimate weddings (less than 20 people), you also spend more time with the ones that really matter to you. You decide with who you really want to be with and with who you want to share your beautiful story ! You can spend some time, here in the Alps, together. We can help to find you the right place for them to stay in so you can really enjoy your loved ones !


To elope or having an intimate wedding means also being more free. You can enjoy your whole day without rushing because there is a strict schedule to follow: yeah adventure !! And you can share your vows in all intimacy, in the wild, facing mountains, being your true self. We’ll be here to help you and guide you so that you your day is exactly what you dreamt about !

And of course the last but not the least, the budget. Let’s be honest having no or fewer guests reduce the budget. But it does not mean that your day will be cheap. No ! In fact it’s the right opposite: you can really choose quality services and vendors who will work on every details of your adventure so that it reflects and celebrates your unique relationship !

Because this day is made to focus only on your relationship, you deserve the best !

Elope or having an intimate wedding means with Our Alpine Love:

focusing on you two,

more authenticity,

being more intimate and intentional,

less stress,

living an experience rather than just a day with some decoration,

starts your married life as an adventure !