Elodie Davis

alpine elopement



Elope (\ i-ˈlōp):

“to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent”


Even if today to elope still means for few people to run away from parent’s consent to get married (for religious or racial reasons) it’s not anymore the case. There are many other reasons !


    Do you want to swim in an alpine lake after your ceremony, or get cosy in a chalet, explore the summits and walk in the snow, have a view on the valley or have a glimpse of some wildlife ? Whatever the season you decide to come in, the Alps are always a good spot to celebrate your day !


    If you decide to invite some of your favourite people, you choose the ones that really matter to you and spend some quality time with them. You are the only one who decides with who you want to share your beautiful story ! We can help to find the right place for them to stay in so you can really enjoy your loved ones !


    You can enjoy your whole day without rushing because there is a strict schedule to follow. It means to slow down things and live the moment ! Also the date of your elopement will be fully chosen by you and not based on a wedding venue (you can even decide to elope during the week !). Humans beings are memory makers, so let’s make yours as you wish !


    Elopement is all about you and your love story where you are the protagonists. Isn’t it crazy to think that in most big weddings, couples don’t have enough time for heir own couple photos ! 1 maybe 2 hours it’s all that we can wish for ! But here of course, the whole day is based on you two and your adventure together ! You can share your vows in all intimacy, in the wild, facing mountains, being your true self. And our team is making sure to bring their best expertise so that your day is exactly what you’ve dreamt about !


    The last but not the least. Let’s be honest, getting married can be a budget. Having no or fewer guests help you to reduce the cost. But it does not mean that you won’t have the day of your dreams, no way ! You can really choose quality services and vendors who will work on every details on your elopement ! You will have a day that reflects and celebrates your unique relationship !

Let’s have a blast !

Elope with Our Alpine Love means:

  • focusing on you two,

  • more authenticity,

  • being more intimate and intentional in your choices,

  • less stress,

  • living an experience rather than just follow a strict schedule,

  • spending an amazing day together and creating beautiful memories that you’ll love to remember,

  • start your life together as an adventure !